FRANCIS BIGG PHOTOGRAPHY | Bradfield College 2016 Leavers Ball

Bradfield College 2016 Leavers Ball

August 25, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Bradfield College 6th Form Ball Photo-Shoot

I was fortunate to be asked to set up a portrait stand at this years 6th Form Bradfield College 2016 Leavers Ball. It was  fun to do and started out with some sensible family portraits with mum, dad and their pride and joy. As the night progressed things became a little more ‘fluid’. Trying to stay within my master plan became a little more interesting, with a Photo Booth next to me. The sweetie trolly was my friend and my neighbour. (Now we all know that the sweet trolly is really for the grownups -don’t we…)

Anyway, It was a fun night and some 250 portraits were taken. They are available for purchase via my website to members of Bradfield College and their family members.

Here is a 10pm portrait – I like this in all its glory!

School event photography - Francis Bigg Photography - Maidenhead6th Form Leaver Ball10pm and all is well...



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