The Wedding day

While I do photograph the whole wedding in Colour, this video is entirely in Black & White which I feel conveys the true feeling, atmosphere and mood of this winter wedding.

I love to try and capture the best moments of the wedding day as naturally as I can. From getting ready to the wedding ceremony and reception and onto the celebrations and first dance in a contemporary reportage wedding photography way. This is one of my London weddings and a particular one of mine showing just how I do photograph a wedding. This jewish wedding in Claridges Hotel in London is just one, but I have enjoyed the patronage of this family since this wedding and have been privileges to photograph other family weddings and family portrait seasons. I feel a little bit a part of the family and enjoy any opportunity to follow any invitations to cover weddings, bar mitzvah's and any other events they would want me to photograph fro them. A wonderful family.

Watch this short PhotoFilm video (It's about 6 minutes) and enjoy my style of documentary wedding photography.

London Wedding at Claridges HotelClaridges Hotel Wedding | Francis Bigg Photography


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